Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Making TRAX

It's been a long time. Thanks to all you who keep visiting. Since I posted last, I have a new job, and moved across the country. I'm back in Salt Lake. One of the benefits is I get to commute by train. If you ever need reference of people with white ear buds , or a person looking down as they read, you'd be hard pressed to find a place better then TRAX. Besides that, it is a nice diversified mix of people.


Ken Chandler said...

Sweet sketches Chad. I need to do more of this. Sketching in general, but drawing people too.

Sian Cross said...

I really like your sketches, I've tried drawing other passengers on the train a little but I'm a complete novice so it didnt result in anything as good as this but it was fun to do.

I'm just starting out on the $100,000 Animation Drawing Course to try and pick up some basic skills, although I don't hold much hope for myself considering my first couple of efforts so far. If you had the time, I wondered if you could take a look at my efforts and maybe give a little advice if at all possible.

Rob Au said...

I am amazed by you Chad... so busy and yet you still find time to draw! I wish I could draw still (yet that infers that I once knew how). But I find my time eaten up with the computer at work and at home! I envy you. Enjoy your new digs.