Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now Available

This is a fun time for me, A bunch of things that I worked on are now available for people to see. I don't get anything but exposure from the sale of these, but it sure is fun to see stuff you've worked on out on the shelves.

To Share or NUT to Share is the project that got me to move to Pennsylvania. It is the seventh in a series of direct to DVD films. We worked on it February and March of this year, and it finally came to bookstore shelves last month. This was Don Knotts final performance. I cut together a reel of my stuff from the film. I had about 4 minutes of animation in there.(right click, save target as. 13.5MB)

Faux Paw
was my Student Emmy winning film that was produced for It was a fun challenge for all of us involved. I illustrated a book that went along with the film that was recently published. It appears that the movie and it's sequel are included on a CD. This was the first I've seen of it since the film was finished, and over all I'm pleased with how it turned out (but don't ask me where the 's on the cover came from).

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Seth Hippen said...

Hey, nice work on Hermie and friends! I've seen Flo the Lying Fly in the series before. What an honor to be a part of Don Knotts' last performance. Congratulations on the book, too. I didn't know Faux Paw had another short. Who did the second one? Anyhow, great stuff, Chad!