Friday, November 24, 2006

A New Drawing Board

When we moved out to Pennsylvania one of the things I gave up was my large studio space and desk. So while the computer found a permanent spot in our new home, my camera stand and disc did not. To add insult to injury the glass in the disc broke in the move.

For my birthday my wife repaired the glass, so I needed to make it usable again. Chromacoulour had a folding table-top board which would be perfect, but I didn't want to pay their price. So using their images I fashioned a measured drawing to make my own.

With an excuse to buy a jig saw it was off to Home Depot. Here's the finished board. It doesn't have a built in light, but it is really easy to re-purpose the desk lamp around to the back. Now I just need to figure out how to machine my own paper punch.


Adrian Ropp said...

Oh, man, Chad... I want a drawing table like yours. I'm using a plexiglass number with the pegbar built in, and no disc. I'm jealous. I might have to ask you to share your, ahem... blueprints.

Tim Moen said...

machine your own paper punch! dude i was actually trying to figure that our myself. boston makes these three hole punches with a lever bar and you can take out the circular punch mechanisms entirely and leave the center one. so really youd just have to figure out how to macine the slots and engineer them to work in that boston lever encasing. thats how i was approaching it anyway. the actual cutter part of the slot was easy...i bought a piece of bar stock that was like 1/8 thick and the size ofthe slot approximately, and then used a circular file (like a chainsaw file) and filed a cove into the end of the barstock. it leaves an edge that is sharp...i tested to see if it would cut paper but taking a piece of scrap paper, putting it on a block of wood, setting the bar vertically on top and then tapping the end of it on the top with a hammer...cut a slot right through the paper. i dont even know who you are lol, but i figured your the first person to mention making their own paper puncher for animation, so i figured id pass on what i learned if you were serious. : )

J Chad Erekson said...

Tim, you'll have to let me know how your homemade punch works out. I've been teaching at a local college here and they are set up with 3 hole registration instead of the acme, and it's is a pain to keep the drawings registered. IM me with the model number of that Boston punch if you would.